Reporter Mouse Model

A reporter mouse model defines a model in which a target gene has been modified for the purpose of monitoring its promoter activity. The classic method to accomplish this is to replace the coding sequence of the gene with the coding sequence of a fluorescent marker such as GFP.

Reporter mouse models may also be used to monitor a target protein's expression and localization/trafficking. One way to accomplish this is to tag the target protein by adding a short peptide coding sequence onto one end of the coding region of the endogenous protein. The short peptide is a known epitope for a standardized antibody. It is a useful technology, particularly when there are no available antibodies for the target protein.

+   Reporter mouse models can be powerful tools with which to monitor transcriptional activity of a promoter in vivo. They can also allow the monitoring of protein localization or cell trafficking.
-   The major drawback of this method is that it requires knocking out the gene of interest. One way to avoid knocking out the endogenous gene is to use IRES technology. This approach allows the co-expression of both the target gene and the reporter genegenOway is the exclusive source of IRES genetically modified rodent model (exclusive license for the IRES technology).
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Engineering a Reporter Mouse

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Custom Reporter Mouse Services at genOway

genOway provides a one-stop solution for the design, creation and analysis of your custom reporter mouse model.

Step 1: Scientific evaluation

genOway has a dedicated team of scientists and bioinformatics experts who are able to perform thorough analyses of your project feasibility including:

  • Defining the model's objectives
  • Determining the characteristics of the target gene/locus
  • Analyzing data culled from the literature

Step 2: Design of genetically modified model

We evaluate the possible gene targeting options based on the results of the above scientific evaluation and present the design to the principal investigator with a clear assessment of model features, risks and timelines.

  • Our process guides you toward the best choice for your model design.
  • We provide free and non-binding access to this expertise.

Step 3: Production

genOway has an extensive background in genetically modified mouse technology and will provide you with the highest quality product possible. Four service options are available. All options include the same dedicated customer support.

Option 1:  Full service

Your project is managed from initial conception to final realization by our in-house transgenesis experts. This level of service includes:

  • Model design, starting from a gene accession number
  • Model creation up to validated heterozygous/homozygous animals
  • Cohort production
  • Phenotyping  (i.e. physiological validation of the model along with a comprehensive array of tests)

Option 2:  Standard service

genOway manages your project from initial conception (starting from a gene accession number) to the delivery of heterozygous animals.

Option 3:  Partial production service

Exit the model creating process at any step of your choosing (such as vector construction or recombined ES cell line creation).

Option 4:  Animal production service

genOway manages your model creation project, starting from existing targeting vectors or ES cell clones. These vectors or clones are either developed in your lab or available via the International KO Mouse Consortium (IKMC – EUCOMM, KOMP, NorCOMM).

Milestones Full Standard Partial production Animal production
Project evaluation Bioinformatics analysis, bibliography search,
project feasibility assessment
Analysis of the selected strategy,
risk assessment
Model design and targeting
vector construction
x x x  
Recombined ES cells x x optional optional
Blastocyst injection x x optional x
Heterozygous animals x x   x
Homozygous animals x optional   optional
Cohort production x optional   optional
Phenotyping x optional   optional

Genetic Background

ES cell lines are currently available for the following genetic backgrounds :
C57BL/6, BALB/c, 129Sv, 129Ola

Our ES cell lines have been validated for germline transmission after 2 rounds of electroporation.


Our guarantee comprises:

  • Generation of chimeras
  • ES cell germline transmission
  • Developmental deadlines
  • Confidentiality
  • Exclusivity of intellectual property
  • Breeding under VAF+/SOPF conditions: the health status is issued by professional breeders (such as Charles River)
  • Line importation and worldwide delivery of the line using a professional transport network

Benefits of Entrusting Your Model Development Project to genOway


  • More than 1500 models generated so far
  • Strong consulting activity provided for model design
  • Thorough project assessment prior to project start

Quality controlled production

  • Robust and validated technologies
  • Clear cut guarantees
  • No waiting list

Project management and reporting

  • A dedicated PhD project manager
  • Rigorous and regular reporting
  • On-site meetings

Unique IP positioning

  • Access to exclusive licenses for key technologies
  • Customer retains all the IP on the model
  • No claim, no royalty, no follow-on rights by genOway