The next global leader
in innovative research models
for the immuno-oncology pharmaceutical industry


Founded in 1999, genOway designs and develops genetically modified research models based on cells or rodents for pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies and academic researchers.

Thanks to our unrivaled technological platform comprising exclusive global licenses (e.g., CRISPR/Cas9), genOway can offer its customers innovative research models to study the effects of a gene or therapeutic drug on a “humanized” organism.

Since its inception, the company has developed over 2,500 research models for the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to the development of a wide range of therapeutic drugs and treatments.


genOway’s innovative research models are designed for the world’s leading researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies (80 corporate customers over the last five years) and prestigious academic research laboratories in France and the US.

genOway operates mainly in the US (60%) and in 18 European and Asian countries.

This close cooperation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical groups also gives genOway priceless insight into their current and future R&D initiatives, a major advantage when defining the company’s strategic development goals.



With twenty years’ experience working with the pharmaceutical industry, over the past few years genOway has decided to specialize in research models for immuno-oncology, which involves restimulating a patient’s immune system in order to combat the development of cancer cells. Immuno-oncology is now the No. 1 investment in pharmaceutical R&D, already representing over 35% of investment worldwide and over $25 billion among the top ten laboratories alone.

While continuing its core business of selling custom research models, genOway now has access to a market 20 times bigger through its catalog of research models. What’s the benefit? These models are immediately available and risk-free for researchers, as they have already been approved and published by leading pharmaceutical companies.

The company aims to build a comprehensive catalog of around 30 immuno-oncology research models by the end of 2021. The first third of the catalog has already been developed and approved by a consortium of leading immuno-oncology companies (AbbVie, AstraZeneca, BMS, Pfizer and Roche) and will soon hit the market. genOway also aims to replicate the catalog research model approach for other pathologies.

genOway plans to go even further over the long term thanks to a major innovative project to increase the success rate of clinical studies, in cooperation with the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif (Paris) and the Léon Bérard Center in Lyon. In addition to its current preclinical studies market, this project will enable genOway to offer pharmaceutical companies innovative models for their clinical trials.


125 highly qualified employees, including 47 researchers with PhDs and over 40 engineers

A portfolio of exclusive worldwide genome editing licenses including CRISPR/Cas9
(Merck AG)


Thanks to its new business model, genOway now has access to a market over 20 times the size of the company’s previous market in custom research models. By the end of 2021, genOway will be able to serve a global preclinical studies market worth over $2 billion, compared to just $100 million previously.

The company also expects to grow its profits significantly by the end of 2021. While each tailor-made model was developed for a single customer, catalog research models can now be offered to a broad range of pharmaceutical groups and biotechnology companies, essentially doubling genOway’s margin compared to its historical business model.

genOway therefore expects to see a rapid step-up in sales growth over the next 5 years, with an average annual growth between 25% and 35% from 2020 to 2024, thereby tripling revenues to over €30 million by 2024 and doubling the EBITDA margin to more than 25%.


A significant lead in the field of immuno-oncology backed by a catalog of unparalleled breadth and performance and a consortium of leading industry players

The only European player on the preclinical research model market, generating 90% of its revenues abroad and 60% in the US


Triple revenues (in €m) and double EBITDA1 margin (% of revenues) by 2024


1EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, including currency gains & losses on trade payables and receivables.






Steady profitable growth with CAGR over 10% and an EBITDA margin over 10% during the last three years


Market: Euronext Growth® Paris
Paris ISIN: FR0004053510
Ticker symbol: ALGEN
Reuters: ALGEN.PA
Bloomberg: ALGEN:EN

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