Publications 2005/06

genOway - Client publication 2005-06

genOway has been acknowledged in numerous articles for the generation of mouse, rat, and cell line models.

Here, a selection of these publications:

Risebro CA, Smart N, Dupays L, Breckenridge R, Mohun TJ, Riley PR.
Hand1 regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation versus differentiation in the developing heart.
Development. 2006 Nov;133(22):4595-606.

Goossens D, Bony V, Gane P, Colin Y, Cartron JP.
Generation of mice with inactivated Rh or Rhag genes.
Transfus Clin Biol. 2006 Mar-Apr;13(1-2):164-6. Epub 2006 Apr 3.

Chambrey R, Goossens D, Bourgeois S, Picard N, Bloch-Faure M, Leviel F, Geoffroy V, Cambillau M, Colin Y, Paillard M, Houillier P, Cartron JP, Eladari D
Genetic ablation of Rhbg in the mouse does not impair renal ammonium excretion.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2005 Dec;289(6):F1281-90.

Ross AJ, May-Simera H, Eichers ER, Kai M, Hill J, Jagger DJ, Leitch CC, Chapple JP, Munro PM, Fisher S, Tan PL, Phillips HM, Leroux MR, Henderson DJ, Murdoch JN, Copp AJ, Eliot MM, Lupski JR, Kemp DT, Dollfus H, Tada M, Katsanis N, Forge A, Beales PL.
Disruption of Bardet-Biedl syndrome ciliary proteins perturbs planar cell polarity in vertebrates.
Nat Genet. 2005 Oct;37(10):1135-40.

genOway is the author of the following publications:

Tesson L, Cozzi J, Menoret S, Remy S, Usal C, Fraichard A, Anegon I.
Transgenic modifications of the rat genome.
Transgenic Res. 2005 Oct;14(5):531-46.

Zhou Q, Renard JP, Le Friec G, Brochard V, Beaujean N, Cherifi Y, Fraichard A, Cozzi J.
Generation of fertile cloned rats by regulating oocyte activation.
Science. 2003 Nov 14;302(5648):1179. Epub 2003 Sep 25.

Article in Book:

"in vivo RNA interference: another tool in the Box?" in Non-viral Gene Therapy - Gene design and Delivery. Taira, K.; Kataoka, K.; Niidome, T. (Eds.) @ Springer-verlag Tokyo 2005