August, 2021
Back to the rat

April, 2021
Uncoupling Toxicity from Therapeutic Efficacy: The New Challenge of Immunotherapies

April, 2021
Degradation Tag Systems: a good way to SMASh your target (SMASh Part 2)

February, 2021
A Novel Preclinical and Translational Humanized CD3ε Model to Study the Efficacy of T-Cell Engagers

February, 2021
Targeted Protein Degradation: New Promises for “Undruggable” Diseases (SMASh Part 1)

November, 2020
Define “Humanized”: Two Mouse Models Helping Produce Cancer Immunotherapies

July, 2020
Part 5: HSA/hFcRn, a Powerful Model for Your PK/PD Studies

May, 2020
Part 4: Humanized Immune Checkpoint Mouse Models for Immuno-Oncology Studies

April, 2020
Part 3: BRGSF-HIS, a New Human Immune System Mouse Model for Immuno-Oncology Studies

March, 2020
Part 2: BRGSF, a New Immunodeficient Model for Immuno-Oncology Studies

January, 2020
Part 1: Toward a Better Effective Preclinical Model in Immuno-Oncology

October, 2019
A new Nature report by Bristol-Myers Squibb provides new insights into VISTA biology and design of combination therapies

October, 2019
Prime Editing: An immature, yet already very exciting new gene editing tool

October, 2019
FLEx technology and optogenetics: Flipping the switch on gene expression with high spatial and temporal resolution

August, 2019
6 good reasons to employ our repository Knockout mouse models in your in vivo studies

July, 2019
Immune checkpoint inhibitors: A strategy to tackle cancer?

March, 2019
Unexpected Genomic Rearrangements at Targeted Loci Associated with CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Knockin

March, 2018
Improving in vitro models: the coming of age of organoids

November, 2017
iPS technology: Four factors that will change the world… some day

September, 2017
CRISPR: A Brimming Toolbox but No All-in-One