BRGSF-HIS Mouse Model

Immunodeficient mouse

The BRGSF-HIS mouse possesses the most functional reconstituted human immune system currently available on the market. Indeed, this mouse, based on the cutting edge BRGSF model, offers new opportunities to address human-specific questions in a more relevant manner, facilitating translational research in several biomedical disciplines and approaches.


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Applications – Translatability to patient

The BRGSF-HIS mouse model can address a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas and applications, including bispecific antibodies, immuno-oncology, infectiology, vaccines, drug screening, and personalized medicine.

infographic brgsf-his applications



BRGSF-HIS features

The BRGSF-HIS mouse model possesses all of the major human hematopoietic cell subsets, such as B cells, T cells (including CD4+ Treg cells), NK cells, and the myeloid compartment, including dendritic cells (DCs), plasmacytoid cells (pDCs), and monocytes/macrophages.

  • Highly permissive to human xenograft, including primary or established tumor cells (CDX or PDXs) by virtue of the SIRPαNOD allele expression
  • Lifespan after humanization similar to that of the wild-type mouse  supports long-term engraftment studies
  • Robustness to traveling (stable immune system)
  • Suitable to assess the effects of radiation treatment in vivo due to the absence of the SCID mutation on a BALB/c background
  • A complete, functional complement system makes this a powerful tool for complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) studies


Strategy for the generation of the BRGSF-HIS mouse

References for model validation

Model validation

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Case studies

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Drug screening:
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BRGSF-HIS variants

  • BRGSF-A2 HIS (genetically humanized for HLA-A2HHD–Tg (HLA-A/H2-D/B2M)1Bpe)


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