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Our catalog of KO mice contains numerous models targeting:



Typical successful application of KO mice

  • Target discovery and target confirmation
    Data from literature and/or from in vitro experiments are not reliable enough. A drug development program must rely on in vivo data to validate the target. KO mice mimic to 100% the antagonist activity. Use our available lines as tools for fast evaluation of your target.
  • In vivo compound specificity
    Non-specific drugs may cause dangerous off-target activities, which are the main cause of drug failure. Evaluating drug activity on similar targets (same family) or non-related targets strongly derisks. Detect the off-target activities thanks to KO models (absence of protein).
  • Mechanism of action (MOA) studies
    Fear of side effects push agencies to request more information on the MOA of new drugs. Provide them with relevant in vivo data and save time and money.
  • Clinical studies
    Investigate unexpected physiological responses observed in patients during clinical trials, deepen your understanding of the physiological role of your target, and provide rapid answer to agencies' questions.

Advantages of our catalog models


  • Established lines: No risk of failure in the creation process
  • Phenotyping data available for many lines
  • Animals bred and housed by professional breeders like Charles River or Jackson Laboratories
  • Lines come with the necessary FTO


  • Delivery date is only defined by the content of your order
  • 1st cohort of homozygous animals delivered in as quickly as 4 months
  • Need more? Routine monthly delivery of additional animals possible

Most economical

  • No offer, including Cas9, can compete cost-wise with catalog lines


  • Light paperwork: a simple order is sufficient



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