Partnership: Let us develop the future of preclinical research together!

At genOway, we strive to offer new and innovative solutions, to provide the right preclinical research tool at the right time, to contribute to drug discovery. To meet this challenge, we recognize the value of teamwork and the importance of creating partnerships and collaborations to go faster and further.

partnership cell line validation We strongly believe that sharing knowledge, skills and networks is not only a key driver of innovation but also the key to developing new medical solutions.


Become a validation partner

Are you looking for preclinical models to advance your scientific research? Do you want to access to original, high-level biological, scientific and technical resources? We propose a collaboration.

Your benefit: Access to syngeneic cell lines at preferential rates.

In return: You share with us the first data set obtained with the cell line used.


Would you like to connect with our scientific experts to discuss this opportunity?


We look forward to hearing from you!



Models for which we are searching for partners

We currently have a catalog of modified syngeneic cell lines designed to form tumors upon injection, making them relevant to applications from target validation to anti-tumor efficacy assessment.

All cell lines are validated in vitro (sequencing of the genetic modification, protein expression validation of the humanized target[s]). For most, their ability to form tumors in syngeneic model was verified.

We are now looking for partners to perform in vivo validation, more specifically to test treatments/compounds (tumor growth inhibition).

Here are some of the models available for this partnership:

  • CT26 chimeric CD39
  • CT26 human EPCAM
  • CT26 human PDL1
  • MC38 chimeric CD39
  • MC38 human PDL1 human HER2
  • MC38 human PDL1 human CD47
  • GL261 KO mouse PDL1
  • GL261 human PDL1
  • EL4 human CD19
  • EL4 human CD20

Unable to find your model of interest in this list?

We have other lines in development and are open to suggestions, so, please, do not hesitate to contact us!