Publications 2007

genOway has been acknowledged in numerous articles for the generation of both mouse/rat models. Below, a selection of these publications:

Zhao T, Zhou X, Szabó N, Leitges M, Alvarez-Bolado G.
Foxb1-driven Cre expression in somites and the neuroepithelium of diencephalon, brainstem, and spinal cord.
Genesis. 2007 Dec;45(12):781-7.

Panzer U, Steinmetz OM, Paust HJ, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Peters A, Turner JE, Zahner G, Heymann F, Kurts C, Hopfer H, Helmchen U, Haag F, Schneider A, Stahl RA.
Chemokine receptor CXCR3 mediates T cell recruitment and tissue injury in nephrotoxic nephritis in mice.
J Am Soc Nephrol. 2007 Jul;18(7):2071-84

Ferry G, Giganti A, Coge F, Bertaux F, Thiam K, Boutin JA.
Functional invalidation of the autotaxin gene by a single amino acid mutation in mouse is lethal.
FEBS Lett. 2007 Jul 24;581(18):3572-8

Klawitter S, Hofmann LP, Pfeilschifter J, Huwiler A.
Extracellular nucleotides induce migration of renal mesangial cells by upregulating sphingosine kinase-1 expression and activity.
Br J Pharmacol. 2007 Feb;150(3):271-80. Epub 2007 Jan 2.

Smart N, Risebro CA, Melville AA, Moses K, Schwartz RJ, Chien KR, Riley PR.
Thymosin beta4 induces adult epicardial progenitor mobilization and neovascularization.
Nature. 2007 Jan 11;445(7124):177-82.