Mouse Catalog for Conditional, Conventional Knockout and Reporter Models

1. Access to the Largest Repository

With more than:
  • 16,000 targeted genes

Goal for 2018:

  • Covering the complete mouse genome
Conditional or conventional
Knockouts for:
  • Safety studies
  • Target validation
  • Gene function studies
Reporter mouse lines for:
  • Gene expression patterns
  • Cell trafficking
  • Monitoring of biomarker
  • Screening of transcriptional regulations

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2. Your Benefit: Significant Timesaving

  • We guarantee immediate access to the repository.
  • Using repository models is time efficient and enables a fast access to proof-of-concept data.

Your model at your bench in as quick as 3 months

3. Your Benefit: Our Services

  • Strong experience in successfully using repository materials.
    genOway has successfully created more than 50 mouse lines from repository-targeted material.
  • Guaranteed Rights of Use / Freedom To Operate.
    We are the only source from which for-profit organizations and not-for-profit organizations engaging in commercial, revenue generating activities can obtain the rights to use the mouse models derived from EUCOMM material. We acquired all necessary Intellectual Property rights, most of them exclusively, so that we can provide our customers with the FTO they need. Consequently, genOway is the exclusive source for conditional KO mouse models derived from EUCOMM material.
  • Optimized availability of the validated model for your research studies.
    Instead of receiving only a few animals, genOway can provide you with cohorts of VAFelite/SOPF certified animals together with phenotyping data. This package is a major source of timegaining for your research program, which enables you to work immediately on fully validated models.

With EUCOMM and genOway, your conditional Knockout mouse models are:

  • Available in the shortest development time,
  • With all necessary rights to use them in R&D programs, and
  • Delivered in phenotyped and VAFelite/SOPF certified cohorts.


EUCOMM - The European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program is founder member and European cornerstone of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC).

EUCOMM's main objective is the generation, archiving, and world-wide distribution of conditional mutations across the mouse genome.

EUCOMM contributes the largest fraction of conditionally targeted genes to the IKMC.

What are the benefits for EUCOMM by partnering with genOway?

  • EUCOMM's mission is to make its resources available to the entire scientific community.
    genOway enables EUCOMM to make these materials available to both industry and academic scientists.
  • EUCOMM's budget will benefit from this agreement.
    EUCOMM will receive a licensing fee for each for-profit customer acquiring an EUCOMM derived mouse line.
  • EUCOMM repository will receive conditional KO mouse lines developed by genOway.
    genOway commits itself to provide the EUCOMM repository with conditional KO mouse models and therefore contributes to the objective of EUCOMM, creating an exhaustive archive of conditional KO mouse lines.