Catalog Mouse Models

Catalog Mouse Models

1) Repository of Knockout mouse models for in vivo studies

More than 2000 ready-to-use Knockout models for:

  • Target discovery and target confirmation
  • In vivo compound specificity
  • Mechanism of action (MOA) studies
  • Clinical studies

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2) Off-the-shelf humanized Knockin mouse models

Immune checkpoint (ICP)

  • Humanized immunocompetent mice harboring single or double ICP target(s)
  • Suitable for studying:
    • Well-calibrated syngeneic tumor models
    • Long-term treatment(s)
    • T cell exhaustion and reminiscence

hFcRn + hAlbumin

  • Double humanization for neonatal Fc receptor and albumin
  • Measure and optimize albumin-linked small molecules and conventional drug pharmacokinetics
  • Study and predict the half-life of circulating biologics and biosimilar drugs


  • In vivo efficacy and safety assessment of anti-human CD4 compounds
  • Typically used in the fields of inflammation, autoimmune diseases, immuno-oncology, and HIV infection

hIgE + FcεR1

  • Double humanization for IgE and Fcε receptor 1
  • Screen for innovative therapeutics for allergy, asthma, and other IgE-mediated diseases


  • In vivo efficacy and safety assessment of anti-human TNF-α compounds in the field of autoimmune diseases and inflammation

3) Off-the-shelf reporter Knockin mouse models

IL-4-IRES-eGFP (4get)

  • Reporter model to monitor immune response polarization
  • Monitor and sort IL-4-secreting cells


  • Reporter model to monitor regulatory T cell activity
  • Monitor and sort Foxp3-expressing cells
  • Study immune tolerance and checkpoint inhibition