Phenotyping Service

genOway and PhenoPro partner to provide you with the highest standards in mouse model creation and phenotyping.

Benefit from our service offer:

  • Thorough consultancy for model design
  • Robust and quality-controlled production process
  • Strong expertise for phenotyping studies
  • Substantial time and cost savings from integrated offers (from line creation to phenotyping)
  • Regular and detailed reporting
  • Truly dedicated service provider

Mouse phenotyping services

We provide you with a comprehensive panel of mouse phenotyping tests, relying on standardized and highly customized protocols.

These tests address most of biological functions and cover the main therapeutic areas.

Phenotyping services

Technology platform:
- Behavior and cognition
- Molecular phenotyping
- Histopathology and embryology
- Clinical chemistry screening
- Imaging
Phenotyping protocols
- Standard
- Disease model
- Diet
- Pharmacological exposure
- Customized experiments
- Model validation
- Target validation
- Exploring gene function
- Preclinical drug screening

Adapted breeding solutions

Customized breeding plans in order to reduce development time and cost of experimental cohorts.

Flexible management of your mouse phenotyping project