It Is About You

Our mission is to develop the most adapted, highly physiologically relevant animal models for each research program.

Why use a fully customized animal model?

  • To increase the scientific value of your studies as the model is designed to specifically address your scientific questions while avoiding the unrevealed caveats possible in genetically modified models.
  • To increase the physiological relevancy of the study conducted using the model.
  • To enable the access to a versatile model through anticipation of the next steps of your in vivo study.

Outcome: Accurate data and flexibility in subsequent investigations and throughout the entire lifespan of your project, thereby saving you on the total cost of your study.


"genOway is the Mercedes Benz of transgenic outsourcing companies"

Prof. Robert Terkeltaub - Director at UC San Diego School of Medicine


By entrusting genOway with your model, you will benefit from:

  • In-depth scientific assessment of your project’s feasibility prior to project's initiation by:
    • Avoiding an artifactual phenotype due to model design,
    • Increasing the physiological relevancy of your model,
    • Assessing the feasibility of the project, and
    • Providing accurate timelines.
  • A highly efficient and quality-controlled production line:
    • Shortening project turnaround time, and
    • Providing clear-cut technical guarantees such as germline transmission.
  • A regular and rigourous reporting along the project's development, guaranteed by:
    • A dedicated project manager,
    • A seamless information flow, and
    • Face to face meetings.
  • Phenotyping evaluations of the model as soon as the first animals are available, for:
    • Measurement of key physiological parameters,
    • Having data ready by the time you receive the first cohorts, and
    • Time-saving and better anticipation of model performances.
  • Our unique intellectual property (IP) portfolio which promises you:
    • Access to exclusive licenses, and
    • Freedom to operate on your models.
  • Professional breeders housing and breeding your animals, with:
    • Certified health status reports,
    • Access to a worldwide logistic for delivery, and
    • Flexible delivery options.

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For more detailed information on a specific design or for guidance from a scientific consultant, please contact us.