At a glance

Founded in 1999 by a four-member team around founder Alexandre Fraichard, genOway now has risen to become a leader in the field of customized, genetically modified (GM) mouse, rat and cell model creation.

The current genOway management committee is composed of six members: Alexandre Fraichard, Benjamin Bruneau, Cyrielle Chabrier, Florent Pons, Yacine Cherifi and Kader Thiam.

Having grown to an international, multicultural team of slightly more than 130 employees* spanning 17 nationalities, we have built up our capacity to produce almost 300 GM models per year, while serving clients in:


genOway's activities focus on customized mouse, rat and cell line genetical modifications by combining technologies routinely used in genome engineering (Knockout, conditional Knockout, Knockin, humanization, point mutations, overexpressions, etc.) with a range of innovative technological solutions to create a new generation of models of higher physiological relevancy.

Our broad technology platform enables the design and creation of models for research, target validation, drug screening, efficacy, and safety testing. The value of the scientific data obtained from these models is proportional to the quality of the model design. Thus, the generation of the right research or preclinical model requires a thorough analysis of the target gene biology paired with a clear assessment of the technical parameters.

genOway’s hallmark is indeed the scientific input provided at project start, with a project feasibility evaluation performed to define the design that best answers our customers' needs. We are the only company to invest heavily in this consulting activity, and each project feasibility analysis represents seven days of full-time equivalent activity of experts in bioinformatics, gene targeting, molecular biology, and cell biology.

Largest technology platform

genOway applies all the current technologies, including homologous recombination, nuclease-based gene editing,  Internal Ribosome Entry Site (IRES), Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange (RMCE), FLEx and TET-On/Off to generate all types of models such as Knockouts, conditional Knockouts with or without deletion monitoring, Knockins (overexpressions in endogenous or permissive loci), point mutations, humanizations, and inducible models.

Unique intellectual property portfolio

genOway is the only provider that can guarantee your freedom to operate on all the  models we develop. We have built a unique license portfolio for all technologies used, including exclusive licenses, which we are allowed to sublicense.

Furthermore, our customers retain ownership of the deliverables and can patent the model developed. genOway has no claim on the results generated by using the models we provide you.

Integrated service

From model design to phenotyping: to save you time, let us perform the first phenotyping studies, evaluate the model's main physiological characteristics once the first animals are available, and handle line amplification. This provides you with cohorts ready for experimentation.

Providing you with these first validation data or a comprehensive phenotyping of the newly created model enables you to focus on your specific in vivo or in vitro studies.

Top-ranked project management

All our project managers have obtained a PhD in life science. Once asigned to your project, you will keep the same interlocutor until the creation of your model is achieved.

This guarantees a seamless communication flow between you and model development, providing you with regular reports and on-demand reviews, but also the flexibility to modify project characteristics and deliverables to fit with changes in your research program or objectives.


Scientists work at top-notch scientific aspects of their particular research fields. To satisfy our customers' expectations, we must translate their projects into most ideally adapted and physiologically relevant tools.

That implies keeping pace with science and creating an environment that encourages innovative thinking.

Our technology-driven R&D team continously searches and tests new ideas, applications, methods and inventions with the goal to evolve our production lines and translate them into a service that creates value for our customers.

genOway's innovative thinking goes further, and spreads throughout the whole company, continously evolving customer care, LEAN management, and software solutions, to just mention a few.

*Equality Index Men/Women: The global ratio for the 2023 exercise is 94/100.

*Index Egalité Hommes/Femmes: La note globale obtenu au titre de l’exercise 2023 est de 94/100.