The genOway Service

About Genoway


Our principal goal is to create a success story with and for you. Our part of the story is to provide you with a well-designed genetically engineered model.

What does "well-designed" mean?

The primary success factor is the physiological relevancy of the model developed. Failures are mostly linked to a technical-based model design, and lack of thorough analysis of the target gene biology.

The design is dictated by the physiology, and techniques and technologies should strictly remain the means to achieve the scientific objective, and not the other way around.

How do you obtain a well-designed model?

Well-designed genetically engineered models can only be obtained through a labor-intensive, science-based analysis process built on three pillars:

  1. Biology of the target: Each target is different and belongs to different pathways–design should be done accordingly
  2. Goal of the project: A model for target validation is different than a model for toxicology studies, even though both aim for target inactivation.
  3. Project constraints: The genetically modified model is a part of the puzzle and must fit.

Genetically modified models are used over years, requiring a significant yearly budget. By combining our experience, expertise, highly qualified staff, and right technologies, we design models that make your research more productive and significantly reduce your costs.

In brief, for each new model we:

  1. Perform a thorough scientific analysis (literature, in-silico tools, risk assessment, etc.)
  2. Rank and compare options, based on the target gene biology, model use, technical feasibility, timelines, and budget

This well-defined decision-tree process is crucial to the quality of the research model, the quality of data resulting from the use of the model, and its impact on research experiments and drug discovery programs.


Before a contract is signed

Once you approach us with your project, we will contact you to schedule a scientific briefing. The discussion between you and our in-house scientific consultants ensures that all required information, both scientific and administrative, are on the table in order for us to start our internal processes, which start with:

A) The scientific evaluation of your project

Our dedicated team of scientists and bioinformatics experts perform thorough analyses of your projects feasibility, including:

  • Definition of the model's objectives/use
  • Determination of the characteristics of the target gene and locus
  • Analysis of data culled from the literature and in silico predictions

B) The design of the genetically modified model

Did you know that on average, and for one target, at least 10 different types of, e.g., Knockout models can be designed (and tens of variations for each type), and the numbers are even higher for more sophisticated models, like Knockin, humanization, etc?

We evaluate the possible gene targeting options based on the results of the scientific evaluation. Combined with your timelines and budget, the top three model designs will be ranked, compared and presented to you, giving you the opportunity to make the most ideal choice.


After a contract is signed

Once you have chosen the best option for your model design, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you, guaranteeing a seamless information flow between you and our production.

C) The model production

Both of our technology platforms, homologous recombination and CRISPR/Cas9-based, are state of the art and trimmed for robustness, efficacity, high quality and speedy processing.

We produce in milestones, giving you and us the flexibility to adapt and modify project characteristics and deliverables to fit with changes in your research program and/or objectives. But also to provide you with the different offers:

Standard production

  • Combines all milestones from targeting vector or nuclease construction to the generation of heterozygous animals, or for cell lines to amplification and banking of selected clones.

Optional production

  • Cohort production of homozygous animals
  • Phenotyping services

Flexible production

  • Provide us with existing material (e.g., vector constructs, ES cell clones, etc.) and we take it from there
  • Reduce the model creation process to any step of your choosing, such as vector construction, founders, etc.

D) Delivery

We hold licenses for all technologies and genetic tools applied to your model creation, and provide you with the necessary rights to freely operate.

You retain ownership of the deliverables and can patent the model developed. genOway has no claim on the results generated by using the model we provide you.

For animals: Housing and breeding is done by professional breeders following the 3R guiding principles, and guaranteeing AAALAC accredition and SOPF health status.


Your benefits & guarantees

By entrusting genOway with your model development, you will benefit from:

  • In-depth scientific assessment of your project’s feasibility prior to project's initiation by:
    • Avoiding an artifactual phenotype due to model design
    • Increasing the physiological relevancy of your model
    • Assessing the feasibility of the project
    • Providing accurate timelines
  • A highly efficient and quality-controlled production line:
    • Shortening project turnaround time
    • Providing clear-cut technical guarantees such as germline transmission
  • regular and rigourous reporting along the project's development, guaranteed by:
    • A dedicated project manager
    • A seamless information flow
    • Face-to-face meetings
  • Phenotyping evaluations of the model as soon as the first animals are available, to:
    • Measure key physiological parameters
    • Have data ready by the time you receive the first cohorts
    • Save time and better anticipate model performances
  • Our unique intellectual property (IP) portfolio, which assures you:
    • Access to exclusive licenses
    • Freedom to operate on your models
  • Having professional breeders breed and house your animals, with:
    • Certified health status reports
    • Access to worldwide delivery logistics
    • Flexible delivery options