genOway announces the acquisition of Axenis... create the largest offer of preclinical models in the Immuno-oncology and Immuno-inflammation space.

Combining both platforms and knowhow creates the largest and most comprehensive offer for target validation and assessment of biologics and cell-based therapy in both Immuno-oncology (IO) and Immuno-inflammation (I&I). In particular, it addresses Immunotherapy and its need for relevant and translatable preclinical models for the assessment of novel therapeutic approaches.

Lyon, France, September 25th, 2018 - genOway (Alternext-NYSE Euronext: ALGEN; ISIN: FR0004053510), the biotechnology company dedicated to the design and development of preclinical models, announces today the acquisition of Axenis, a company dedicated to the development of immunocompromised models for the validation of new and innovative therapeutics.


By combining its unique humanization platform by gene editing with Axenis's outstanding humanization platform by cell grafting, genOway creates the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of preclinical models and services for the biopharmaceutical scientists. genOway's ultimate goal is to provide the industry with the highest standard in translational research to help reduce: (1) time to "first-in-human" for innovative drugs such as biologics and CART cells, and (2) attrition rate of novel therapeutics.
Moreover, by merging forces and expertise, the company will further broaden its portfolio with new innovative models and services as of as 2019.

"We are very happy to join forces with the Axenis team. Excellency in science and customer focus are the core values of both companies. Combining the forces of these two companies will immediately provide the industry with better services and models, and we anticipate the combination to launch innovative models for IO and I&I as of 2019. This is a very exciting opportunity for both teams."Alexandre Fraichard, co-founder and general manager of genOway.

"Our models and services have been validated by the industry. Joining forces with genOway means that they will be made fully available on a worldwide basis. Moreover, genOway's technologies and IP portfolio will enable us to launch new models in the near future. The Axenis team is delighted by this move, which paves the way for more innovative models in the near future." said Erwan Corcuff, co-founder and general manager of Axenis.

Commenting on the Agreement, Kader Thiam, VP Transgenic Technologies at genOway, stated, "We are excited to reinforce our expertise in immunology by bringing the two teams together, and to extend our portfolio of products and services for biologic and NCE assessment in both syngenic models and models reconstituted with human cells deriving from healthy donors or patients. This will greatly improve the panel of product available to the scientific community and enhance the translatability of preclinical models."

About genOway

genOway (ALTERNEXT-NYSE: ALGEN) is a biotechnology company designing and developing research models for the bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and food industries as well as for academic research. With highly qualified scientific personnel, the company has a workforce of 95 people and operates in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, supplying more than 275 clients. It is a market leader in terms of both size and customer portfolios. The company’s development is founded upon both a broad and exclusive technology platform as well as strong intellectual property rights combining patents and licensing agreements. Harnessing a global trend toward outsourcing the production of genetically modified research models, genOway has signed contracts with leaders of the pharmaceutical industry (BMS, Janssen, GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.), and with prestigious academic research centers (King’s College and the University College of London, in England; Harvard, Caltech and the National Institutes of Health, in the United States; the Institut Pasteur, in France; the Max Planck Institutes, in Germany, and many more).
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