genOway expands its intellectual property portfolio of fundamental gene editing technologies to better serve its customers

Homologous recombination technology:

genOway is authorized to take action against infringement

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Major technological breakthroughs in the genetic engineering field are usually subject to intellectual property (IP) rights. As a genetic engineering service company, genOway enters into agreements with the owners of such technologies in its role as a natural partner of the scientific community, providing its academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological customers with state-of-the-art, reliable research models, as well as the guaranteed freedom to operate (FTO) on patent-protected model generation technologies.

Homologous recombination is a major gene editing technology that enables the development of research models essential for both target validation and preclinical evaluation of drug candidates. In 2014, the Institut Pasteur and Cellectis granted genOway an exclusive license to the patent portfolio related to the homologous recombination technology, covering the creation and sale of rodent animal models, the sale of existing rodent animal models, and sublicensing rights to its customers for their maximum benefit, so that, for example:

  • Academic laboratories can sell their models to biotech and pharma companies
  • Biotech and pharma companies can access existing models with the necessary FTO to secure their R&D investments

Recently, this license has been extended to allow genOway to take action to protect against infringement. This secures customers’ research programs and provides a fair valorization of the applications developed by the Institut Pasteur and Cellectis, genOway’s exclusive licensors of the homologous recombination technology for the past five years.


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