genOway as validated SME partner for your European research project

EU Projects

The European Commission finances European research and innovation projects, currently under the Horizon 2020 program, with the goal to ensure that international cooperation produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together to deliver innovation.

Building your consortium

A robust European research consortium structure is the basis for the highly competitive pre-award phase, but also for the post-award phase, that lead to the expected impact.

Building your consortium is key and may involve stepping out of your comfort zone. genOway, as an experienced and qualified SME partner, can help you formulate a successful consortium.

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Our experience

genOway is a fully qualified SME partner validated by the European Commission.

We successfully participated in 13 EU programs, including one Horizon 2020 and six FP7 projects with an overall of 80 collaboration partners:

Latest projects


genOway is one of four participants in the European project ANTILAPSE (part of Eurostars), entitled: Combating cancer patient relapse and treatment resistance: Development of the first drug to prevent cancer-cell DNA mutagenesis.

ANTILAPSE will deliver a first-in-class drug to treat ovarian cancer patients by preventing development of therapeutic resistance and relapse. The drug prevents cancer-cell mutagenesis by inhibiting a key enzyme that drives genomic instability. It will be developed as a combination and maintenance therapy to improve poor survival rates. The novel candidate, A3Bi, with inhibitory effects of APOBEC3B and optimal PK properties, will demonstrate in vivo efficacy by preventing resistance to first-line taxane/carboplatin and reduction in ovarian cancer tumorigenesis. genOway will develop novel APOBEC3B mouse models for in vivo testing and mechanistic studies, the aim of which is to understand patient responses to personalize therapy, and de-risk the preclinical drug development pathway to reach the market. The novel gene-engineered mice developed by genOway in ANTILAPSE will provide an accelerated model to measure cancer treatment resistance.

genOway will generate the inducible APOBEC3B overexpressing mice, the p53 Knockout, and the UNG/SMUG/MSH2 Knockout models. The APOBEC3B overexpresser model will then be interbred with the respective Knockout lines for further obtainment of the inducible APOBEC3B overexpressing / P53 Knockout and inducible APOBEC3B overexpressing / UNG/SMUG/MSH2 Knockout models. These models will be used to assess A3Bi efficacy after Cre activation.


genOway is one of the 13 participants in the TO_AITION project, entitled: A high-dimensional approach for unwinding immune-metabolic causes of cardiovascular disease-depression multimorbidities.

genOway will be in charge of designing and developing three genetically modified mouse models – one conditional Knockin and two conditional Knockouts, with the following objectives:

  • Determine the role of ATP citrate lyase in the development of atherosclerosis/cardiovascular disease-depression multimorbidity in animal models
  • Characterization of novel causal mechanisms of atherosclerosis/cardiovascular disease-depression comultimorbidity

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