Client testimonials


"Customer satisfaction is what drives us."


Edward van der Horst, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer at Sensei Biotherapeutics
"For Sensei Biotherapeutics, obtaining clinical trial approval (IND) for our anti-VISTA SNS-101 antibody represents a significant milestone, and genOway's models have been critical in moving our program forward.
Assessment of SNS-101 in physiologically relevant and complementary preclinical models, such as the BRGSF-HIS and VISTA KI humanized mouse models, allowed us to further qualify the pharmacodynamics and toxicology of our first conditionally active antibody.
We are optimistic, based on the results obtained in animal studies, that SNS-101 antibody has the potential to achieve a higher therapeutic index and a more favorable safety profile than other drugs for patients with solid tumors.

Arjun Surya
CEO & CSO at Curadev Pharma
"Receiving the FDA “Study May Proceed” for our CRD3874, an IV-administered STING agonist, represents a key milestone for Curadev. genOway’s STING humanized models enabled the investigation of the anti-tumor activity of CRD3874, dosed through either IV or IT routes in a range of syngeneic tumor models. Preclinical studies in STING humanized mice also allowed us to have a better insight into the mechanism of action of CRD3874."

Marc Dubourdeau
Company President and Scientific Director at Ambiotis
"Collaboration with genoWay’s team has been fruitful: We have been able to work with them, especially with their humanized IgE/FcεR1 mice. We successfully set up an anaphylaxis model which is a powerful asset for our customers. They have very strong expertise in humanized mice and provide excellent advice on their models."

Dr. Matthias HUNDT
Instructor at La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology
"Without you it would have been impossible for us to establish this transgenic mouse from the EUCOMM ES cells. I was most impressed by your tenacity to bring this project to a success…
Due to the fact that the design and the ES cells were not from genOway, you could not guaranty success of the project. It might have been possible for you to stop the project earlier and/or to try to sell an alternative approach. Both did not happen, and this speaks for your business integrity and your scientific spirit.
All the way from making the decision to get the ES cells from EUCOMM, until this final step of sending the mice to Greifswald I felt well supported and informed by you.
You had the right balance to communicate the progress of the project.

Professor Bellur S. PRABHAKAR
Associate Dean at University of Illinois College of Medicine
"I am truly impressed with the responsiveness and help that I have obtained from genOway. It has been a pleasure to work with a highly professional staff that is responsive to the needs of a customer like me. I started this project with no personal experience in creating knockout mice. My early discussions with your scientists and subsequent helpful suggestions have helped immensely to successfully complete this very challenging project. I am quite certain that these mice will be of immense value to our research and I will certainly use genOway services for my future work related to creating knockout mice."

Prof. Simon C. ROBSON
Director at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"We were highly impressed by the expert manner genOway’s scientists managed what I felt to be a rather difficult mutant mouse project and achieved success within their proposed timelines. The project leader, deserves a lot of praise for his expertise and preparation of the detailed, clear and concise reports that arrived at all the expected times. Their collaboration with Charles River regarding the mouse line transfer to our animal facility in Boston was an additional advantage. I can highly recommend their services."

Prof. Stephen MOSS
Chair of Biomedical Research at University College London
"We are actively engaged in the production of a number of knock-in mouse models with genOway. We have been very pleased with all stages of production, but particularly with the initial design and flexibility that genOway provides to its customers. It truly feels like a real collaboration, with frequent updates and suggestions, resulting in the production of mouse models that are tailor-made to our research needs."

Prof. Dr. Dieter HÄUSSINGER
Director at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
"It goes without saying that knockout technologies are an indispensible research tool in Hepatology. In this regard we started a cooperation with genOway which is highly specialized in the generation of genetically modified mice. We appreciate that genOway provides a highly professional consulting demonstrating clear-cut alternative strategies and substantiated risk analyses, which meet well our requirements. I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration between genOway and our Collaborative Research Center."

Director at UC San Diego School of Medicine
"genOway is the Mercedes Benz of transgenic outsourcing companies"

Prof. Maria T. DIAZ-MECO
Lab Head at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
"We have worked with genOway in different projects for several years, and we are very impressed by their competence, motivation and flexibility. We are very happy with this fruitful collaboration and we totally recommend genOway for developing animal models at any stage."

Director of Cabimer
"Leader for the development of transgenic mice and rats, genOway is a very reliable biotechnology company. Their main quality is to work along with the scientific community in providing a very flexible service customized to the needs and requirements of the customer."

Lab Head at Oslo University Hospital
"genOway has carried out several projects for us. This collaboration has been very successful. Not just because we have received our models as expected, but also due to very helpful consultations, professional reporting and flexibility. Their technologies are highly innovative"

Prof. Gianfranco SEBASTIO
University of Naples Federico II
"For more than two years we have worked with the scientific staff at genOway appreciating their fruitful and constant collaboration and their outstanding expertise. The development of our animal model was carefully guided by genOway scientists as we planned to perform part of it. The schedule of the project was strictly followed thanks also to rapid and effective changes of the strategy. I will continue my relationship with genOway and I recommend their collaboration to all scientists looking for successful results in the difficult task of developing animal models'."

Prof. Ruben PIO
Director at CIMA, University of Navarra
"genOway has really impressed me with the quality of its service and its competence. I would emphasize their reliability and their accessibility at any time to discuss any aspect related to our project. We expect that the fruitful collaboration established between genOway and our institution will continue in the future."

Dr. Angela GRECO
Director at IRCCS Foundation Milan
"genOway is a very reliable company. They provide a very flexible service customized to our needs and expectation. I particularly appreciate the frequent reports and personal contacts by the project leader and consultant."

Prof. Gerd WALZ
Director at Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg
"genOway provides us with a very professional services within the expected timelines and high quality scientific exchanges. We are delighted to recommend their services."

Prof. Paul RILEY
Chair of Development and Cell Biology at Oxford University
"genOway has not only successful provided this service, but we have benefited a great deal from their consultation, experience and professionalism. A major factor in recommending genOway is the flexibility of their approach; each project is able to evolve such that the relationship between researcher and the genOway team is more like that of a true collaboration"

Prof. Pier Giuseppe PELICCI
Scientific Director of the European Institute of Oncology Milan
"IEO and genOway collaboration started some years ago while we were looking for collaborative and highly professional technologists for the development of our knock-out mouse models. We have been impressed by their competence and motivation, by the solutions they found to solve our problems and by the flexibility in discussing every milestone of the project at any time. We are more than happy to continue and improve our collaboration with genOway."

Prof. Pier Paolo DI FIORE
IFOM-IEO Campus, University of Milan
"genOway is a leading company in the field of genetically modified mouse and rat models. Its technology platform is impressive, comprising technologies classically used in trangenesis and more innovative approaches, like conditional and inducible systems. We experienced their methodology by producing few lines of transgenic animals. Design and development of the project were customized to our specific requests, there was no waiting list and the frequent reports sent by the project leader allow our researchers to follow the entire process with the possibility of a fine-tuning or eventually a re-direction of the project. We would totally recommend genOway and we are looking forward to a long relationship."

IFOM-IEO Campus, University of Milan
"Mouse knock-out technology is an important step in cancer research, it provides relevant answers to scientific questions but it is time-consuming and difficult to set up. The Department of Experimental Oncology decided to take advantage of genOway's expertise in this field. We generated several lines of genetically modified mice together. Beside the technological success within the expected time-frame, we appreciated the frequent and fruitful exchange of ideas, the collaborative attitude of the project leaders, as well as of the consultants and directors of study. You feel that the company is truly at your service but that you can constantly re-discuss the direction of the project on the basis of the very last result you have achieved."

Prof. Hans CLEVERS
Director Research of Princess Maxima Center
"genOway has already supplied us with several difficult-to-make knockout cell lines. We are impressed by the speed and professionalism in which genOway provides these services, and are eager to build on this very successful collaboration"

Prof. Ivan DIKIC
Director at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
"genOway has a professional attitude toward its customers. We had really appreciated their innovative technologies and the personal contact with their team. They truly care about their customers."

University of Torino Medical School
"I have never witnessed such proactive behavior with customers. genOway truly understand our challenges and is equipped with cutting-edges technologies that fulfill our expectations."

Prof. Ludwig NEYSES
Chair of Medicine at University of Manchester
"I ascertain that genOway has provided extremely efficient and competent services to us and we will very likely use them again in the future."

Dr. Ulrich THIBAUT
Supervisory Board of Glycotope GmbH Berlin
"genOway's technology is excellent and their mouse business is impressive. We are looking forward to working together in this cooperation"