Mouse Models in Oncology

For more than a decade we have been creating genetically modified rodent models for:

  • Studying biological functions under both normal and pathologic conditions for cancer invasiveness, metastasis, DNA repair, cell cycle progression, apoptosis, etc.
  • Studying drug targets by e.g. humanization of receptor and signaling molecules.
  • Creating new tools for cell trafficking, monitoring of pathway activation, etc.

Selection of models we have created for our clients

YFP/GFP reporter Knockin for pancreatic adenocarcinoma:
Fox RG, Lytle NK, Jaquish DV, Park FD, Ito T, Bajaj J, Koechlein CS, Zimdahl B, Yano M, Kopp JL, Kritzik M, Sicklick JK, Sander M, Grandgenett PM, Hollingsworth MA, Shibata S, Pizzo D, Valasek MA, Sasik R, Scadeng M, Okano H, Kim Y, MacLeod AR, Lowy AM, Reya T.
Image-based detection and targeting of therapy resistance in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Nature. 2016

PNI for marginal-zone B-cell lymphomas:
Robles EF, Mena-Varas M, Barrio L, Merino-Cortes SV, Balogh P, Du MQ, Akasaka T, Parker A, Roa S, Panizo C, Martin-Guerrero I, Siebert R, Segura V, Agirre X, Macri-Pellizeri L, Aldaz B, Vilas-Zornoza A, Zhang S, Moody S, Calasanz MJ, Tousseyn T, Broccardo C, Brousset P, Campos-Sanchez E, Cobaleda C, Sanchez-Garcia I, Fernandez-Luna JL, Garcia-Muñoz R, Pena E, Bellosillo B, Salar A, Baptista MJ, Hernandez-Rivas JM, Gonzalez M, Terol MJ, Climent J, Ferrandez A, Sagaert X, Melnick AM, Prosper F, Oscier DG, Carrasco YR, Dyer MJ, Martinez-Climent JA.
Homeobox NKX2-3 promotes marginal-zone lymphomagenesis by activating B-cell receptor signalling and shaping lymphocyte dynamics.
Nat Commun. 2016

Quick Knockin™ into permissive locus Hprt foe lung tumorigenesis:
Wang J, Zhang X, Wang P, Wang X, Farris AB 3rd, Wang Y.
Lessons learned using different mouse models during space radiation-induced lung tumorigenesis experiments.
Life Sci Space Res (Amst). 2016

Conditional Knockout for Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM):
Degrauwe N, Schlumpf TB, Janiszewska M, Martin P, Cauderay A, Provero P, Riggi N, Suvà ML, Paro R, Stamenkovic I.
The RNA Binding Protein IMP2 Preserves Glioblastoma Stem Cells by Preventing let-7 Target Gene Silencing.
Cell Rep. 2016

Villin-Cre mouse for intestinal conditional tumor initiation:
Ladang A, Rapino F, Heukamp LC, Tharun L, Shostak K, Hermand D, Delaunay S, Klevernic I, Jiang Z, Jacques N, Jamart D, Migeot V, Florin A, Göktuna S, Malgrange B, Sansom OJ, Nguyen L, Büttner R, Close P, Chariot A.
Elp3 drives Wnt-dependent tumor initiation and regeneration in the intestine.
J Exp Med. 2015

Conditional Knockout for DNA repair, tumor suppression:
Lutzmann M, Grey C, Traver S, Ganier O, Maya-Mendoza A, Ranisavljevic N, Bernex F, Nishiyama A, Montel N, Gavois E, Forichon L, de Massy B, Méchali M.
MCM8- and MCM9-deficient mice reveal gametogenesis defects and genome instability due to impaired homologous recombination.
Mol Cell. 2012

Conditional Knockout for MAPK signalling:
Banning A, Regenbrecht CR, Tikkanen R.
Increased activity of mitogen activated protein kinase pathway in flotillin-2 knockout mouse model.
Cell Signal. 2013

Conditional Knockout for melanoma:
Dey A, Seshasayee D, Noubade R, French DM, Liu J, Chaurushiya MS, Kirkpatrick DS, Pham VC, Lill JR, Bakalarski CE, Wu J, Phu L, Katavolos P, LaFave LM, Abdel-Wahab O, Modrusan Z, Seshagiri S, Dong K, Lin Z, Balazs M, Suriben R, Newton K, Hymowitz S, Garcia-Manero G, Martin F, Levine RL, Dixit VM.
Loss of the tumor suppressor BAP1 causes myeloid transformation.
Science. 2012

Conditional Knockout for skin papilloma:
Petrova E, López-Gay JM, Rhiner C, Moreno E.
Flower-deficient mice have reduced susceptibility to skin papilloma formation.
Dis Model Mech. 2012

Knockout for studying tumor supressor function:
Polato F, Rusconi P, Zangrossi S, Morelli F, Boeri M, Musi A, Marchini S, Castiglioni V, Scanziani E, Torri V, Broggini M
DRAGO (KIAA0247), a New DNA Damage-Responsive, p53-Inducible Gene That Cooperates With p53 as Oncosupprossor.
J Natl Cancer Inst. 2014

Knockout for cell cycle progression:
Lawan A, Al-Harthi S, Cadalbert L, McCluskey AG, Shweash M, Grassia G, Grant A, Boyd M, Currie S, Plevin R.
Deletion of the Dual Specific Phosphatase-4 (DUSP-4) Gene Reveals an Essential Non-redundant Role for MAP Kinase Phosphatase-2 (MKP-2) in Proliferation and Cell Survival.
J Biol Chem. 2011

Humanized Conditional Quick Knockin™ into permissive locus Rosa26 for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML):
Sportoletti P, Varasano E, Rossi R, Bereshchenko O, Cecchini D, Gionfriddo I, Bolli N, Tiacci E, Intermesoli T, Zanghì P, Masciulli A, Martelli MP, Falzetti F, Martelli MF, Falini B.
The human NPM1 mutation A perturbs megakaryopoiesis in a conditional mouse model.
Blood. 2013

Point-Mutation Knockin for Type 1 Neurofibromatosis:
Yzaguirre AD, Padmanabhan A, de Groh ED, Engleka KA, Li J, Speck NA, Epstein JA.
Loss of neurofibromin Ras-GAP activity enhances the formation of cardiac blood islands in murine embryos.
Elife. 2015.

Point-Mutation Knockin for hereditary breast cancer:
Drost R, Bouwman P, Rottenberg S, Boon U, Schut E, Klarenbeek S, Klijn C, van der Heijden I, van der Gulden H, Wientjens E, Pieterse M, Catteau A, Green P, Solomon E, Morris JR, Jonkers J.
BRCA1 RING function is essential for tumor suppression but dispensable for therapy resistance.
Cancer Cell. 2011

IRES reporter Knockin for tumor suppression:
Foronda M, Martínez P, Schoeftner S, Gómez-López G, Schneider R, Flores JM, Pisano DG, Blasco MA
Sox4 Links Tumor Suppression to Accelerated Aging in Mice by Modulating Stem Cell Activation.
Cell Rep. 2014

Knockin for breast cancer, metastasis:
Ferry G, Giganti A, Coge F, Bertaux F, Thiam K, Boutin JA.
Functional invalidation of the autotaxin gene by a single amino acid mutation in mouse is lethal.
FEBS Lett. 2007

We work closely with scientists from both academic institutions (Cancer Research UK, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, National Cancer Center Singapore, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, NIH National Cancer Institute, etc.), pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology companies (Aveo Pharmaceuticals, Baxter Innovations, BMS, Janssen R&D, Merck KGaA, Solvay, UCB, etc.).