Our Technologies


Our clients desire physiologically relevant models fully adapted to their scientific needs and projects, spanning from research experiments to drug discovery and development.

To make this happen, we at genOway specialize in genetic designs to serve genetically modified models of the highest standards.

A best-possible genetic design can only be tailored when an exhaustive portfolio of genetic techniques and tools is at hand. We hold technical know-how as well as required licenses for running model development platforms to create mouse, rat and cell models using the following genetic technologies and tools:

Homologous recombination (HR) (⤏ go to)

Specifically replace a copy of a gene by integrating a gene that differs from the original

Genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9 (⤏ go to)

Site-specific double-strand DNA cutting to induce repair mechanisms, resulting in mutations or to allow DNA sequence insertions

Site-specific recombination (SSR) (⤏ go to)

Induce gene insertions, excisions or inversions by exogenous recombinases such as Cre or FLP.

SSR-based strategies:

  • Cre-ERt2–temporal control of recombinase activity
  • FLEx–spatially induce mutations under endogenous promoters

Internal ribosome entry sites (IRES) (⤏ go to)

Co-express two different proteins that are not fused and under the control of the same promoter

Tet-On/Off (⤏ go to)

On demand gene induction by tetracycline admission

SAMSH (⤏ go to)

Targeted and time-controlled protein degradation


Unique intellectual property portfolio

genOway is the only provider to guarantee the freedom to operate on your models.

We built a unique license portfolio for all technologies used, including exclusive license for which we are allowed to sublicense.

Furthermore, our clients retain ownership of the deliverables and can patent the model developed. genOway has no claim on the results generated by using the model we provide you.