Applications for GM Models Created by Homologous Recombination

Knockin rodent models including humanized models are highly relevant tools for drug development and preclinical studies. Below are some examples of applications:

Humanization of Target Genes such as:

  • Cell membrane receptors for compound testing.
  • Cell membrane molecules for in vivo evaluation of antibodies and biologics.
  • Soluble molecules (Ig, transport proteins, interleukins and hormones).

Monitoring of Biomarker Expression in order to:

  • Detect early events in response cascades.
  • Quantify physiological responses.

Monitoring of Off-Target Effects in order to:

  • Determine and quantify non-specific activities.
  • Measure induction or repression of biomarker.

Labeling for Cell Trafficking by:

  • Insertion of biomarker in any cell-specific gene to monitor a cell lineage or a subpopulation of a cell lineage.

Models for Translational Medicine in order to:

  • Efficiently mimic human diseases or drug side effects.
  • Improve xenograft efficacy.

Tissue-Specific Transgene Expression in order to:

  • Determine transgene expression pattern and level of expression.

Target Validation & Knockout Models in order to:

  • Monitor gene deletion efficacy and validate the reliability of the model.