Functional human myeloid cells in BRGSF-HIS humanized mice enable myeloid-directed therapy assessment

BRGSF-HIS for myeloid-directed therapy assessment

April 14, 2023

Translational preclinical assessment of myeloid-targeting therapies is considered challenging due to the reduced availability of humanized mouse models expressing both lymphoid and myeloid compartments. Most of the humanized models harboring myeloid compartments overexpress human cytokines, leading to body weight loss, anemia, and a short life span. A recent report described the BRGSF-HIS as an alternative model displaying all major human hematopoietic cell subsets, such as B, T, natural killer (NK), dendritic cells (DCs), plasmacytoid cells (pDCs) and monocytes/macrophages. Human myeloid cells developed in the BRGSF-HIS mice without side effects and human immune system engraftment is stable for over a year (Labarthe et al., 2019), favoring long terms studies with agents requiring a wide therapeutic window.

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BRGSF-HIS mice possess the most functional reconstituted human immune system currently on the market and are highly relevant for translational research.

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