Constitutive Knockout Models with Monitoring of the Gene Expression Pattern

Using this Knockin technology, an inserted reporter gene provides the expression pattern of the gene of interest. Expression under normal physiological conditions is valuable information, but more interestingly, the model enables a reliable and simple monitoring of the expression under pathological conditions, under special diets or stresses, etc.


Case study: Generation of a MCT1 Knockout / LacZ Knockin model for validating MCT1 as a target for obesity.

Adapted from Lengacher et al, PLoS One 2013, Resistance to diet-induced obesity and associated metabolic perturbations in haploinsufficient monocarboxylate transporter 1 mice.


Ressistance to diet-induced obesity in MCT1heterozygous  mice


MCT1+/- mice exhibit resistance to diet-induced obesity.

MCT1 +/- mice are almost undistinguishable from MCT1 +/+ mice under normal chow diet.

When fed a high fat diet, MCT1 +/+ mice gained considerably weight and become obese.

In contrast MCT1+/- fed the same diet remained lean.


Gene expression monitoring in LacZ Knockin mice


Efficient Monitoring of Target Gene Expression

LacZ Knockin allows monitoring of gene expression.

LacZ is expressed under the control of the endogenous MCT1 promoter and its expression provides insights on the expression pattern of MCT1.