November, 2022
Functional human myeloid compartment in BRGSF-HIS preclinical model

June, 2022
Assessing T-cell engagers in vivo: How BRGSF-HIS mice can help

April, 2022
Targeting tumor-associated myeloid cells: the new grail in immuno-oncology?

March, 2022
Relevant preclinical models to test T cell engagers: the case of CD28

November, 2021
Immunotherapy efficacy assessment and metastases studies: tHIS model is highly permissive to engraftment

November, 2021
NOTUM as alternative therapeutic approach to prevent clonal fixation and mutant expansion in patients predisposed to colorectal cancer

September, 2021
New Doors to Potential Novel Treatments for Obesity

August, 2021
Tumor grafts in preclinical research: Models, models, overall, who is the fittest of them all?

August, 2021
Back to the rat

April, 2021
Uncoupling Toxicity from Therapeutic Efficacy: The New Challenge of Immunotherapies

April, 2021
Degradation Tag Systems: a good way to SMASh your target (SMASh Part 2)

February, 2021
A Novel Preclinical and Translational Humanized CD3ε Model to Study the Efficacy of T-Cell Engagers

February, 2021
Targeted Protein Degradation: New Promises for “Undruggable” Diseases (SMASh Part 1)

November, 2020
Define “Humanized”: Two Mouse Models Helping Produce Cancer Immunotherapies

July, 2020
Part 5: HSA/hFcRn, a Powerful Model for Your PK/PD Studies

May, 2020
Part 4: Humanized Immune Checkpoint Mouse Models for Immuno-Oncology Studies

April, 2020
Part 3: BRGSF-HIS, a New Human Immune System Mouse Model for Immuno-Oncology Studies

March, 2020
Part 2: BRGSF, a New Immunodeficient Model for Immuno-Oncology Studies

January, 2020
Part 1: Toward a Better Effective Preclinical Model in Immuno-Oncology

October, 2019
A new Nature report by Bristol-Myers Squibb provides new insights into VISTA biology and design of combination therapies

October, 2019
Prime Editing: An immature, yet already very exciting new gene editing tool

October, 2019
FLEx technology and optogenetics: Flipping the switch on gene expression with high spatial and temporal resolution

August, 2019
6 good reasons to employ our repository Knockout mouse models in your in vivo studies

July, 2019
Immune checkpoint inhibitors: A strategy to tackle cancer?

March, 2019
Unexpected Genomic Rearrangements at Targeted Loci Associated with CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Knockin

March, 2018
Improving in vitro models: the coming of age of organoids

November, 2017
iPS technology: Four factors that will change the world… some day

September, 2017
CRISPR: A Brimming Toolbox but No All-in-One