Homologous Recombination

The Reference Technology for Humanized, Knockin & Conditional Knockout Models

The patented Homologous Recombination Technology is a major breakthrough in the generation of high-value genetically modified (GM) rodent models, including humanized models.

Both academic and industrial scientists rank this technology as the primary tool in GM rodent development with more than 5,000 models created and published for this technology.

Models generated by this technology are highly relevant for most R&D applications spanning entire drug development activities, from target validation to ADMET studies.


Examples of Models Created by This Technology

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Humanization of Target Genes such as:

  • Cell membrane receptors for compound testing.
  • Cell membrane molecules for in vivo evaluation of antibodies and biologics.
  • Soluble molecules (Ig, transport proteins, interleukins and hormones).

Monitoring of Biomarker Expression in order to:

  • Detect early events in response cascades.
  • Quantify physiological responses.

Monitoring of Off-Target Effects in order to:

  • Determine and quantify non-specific activities.
  • Measure induction or repression of biomarker.

Labeling for Cell Trafficking by:

  • Insertion of biomarker in any cell-specific gene to monitor a cell lineage or a subpopulation of a cell lineage.

Models for Translational Medicine in order to:

  • Efficiently mimic human diseases or drug side effects.
  • Improve xenograft efficacy.

Tissue-Specific Transgene Expression in order to:

  • Determine transgene expression pattern and level of expression.

Target Validation & Knockout Models in order to

  • Monitor gene deletion efficacy and validate the reliability of the model.

Acquire the Freedom to Operate

genOway is the only source for rights using this technology for R&D applications on GM rodent models. If you need such a GM model, if you are using such a GM model, or if you plan to third-party license such a model, we can provide you with the rights and freedom to operate as you need.

Acquire the Freedom to Operate for:
  • Creating of a new Knockin model.
  • Accessing material from international repositories, like IKMC (EUCOMM, KOMP, etc.).
  • Licensing a model from a third party.
  • Using Knockin models not purchased from genOway.