Myeloid cells' contribution is key in CRS pathophysiology induced by T-cell engagers in BRGSF-HIS model

BRGSF-HIS & myeloid cell compartment in CRS

November 3, 2023

T-cell engagers show high efficacy in B-cell malignancies. A high risk of immune-related adverse events, including cytokine release syndrome (CRS), is reported in patients treated with T-cell engagers due to on-target offsite effects. Thus, reliable and translational mouse models are required to predict potential safety issues and investigate their rescue. PBMC-reconstituted models are the most currently used as preclinical models to investigate CRS induction’ while CD34+ reconstituted ones are more rarely described for this application.

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BRGSF-HIS mice possess the most functional reconstituted human immune system currently on the market and are highly relevant for translational research.


hCD3ε immunocompetent mice enable the preclinical in vivo efficacy assessment of T-cell engagers, to study cancer cell recognition, immunosuppressant therapies, etc.

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