Double Humanized Serum Albumin/Neonatal Fc Receptor Mouse Model


Our double humanized serum albumin/neonatal Fc receptor mouse model (HSA/hFcRn) maintains an autologous receptor-ligand interaction and mimics the physiological drug clearance in humans.


  • Accurate and predictive pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies of albumin-linked drugs
  • Development of conventional drugs and biologics with enhanced half-life through interaction with HSA/hFcRn

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HSA/hFcRn features

  • HSA and hFcRn are controlled by their respective endogenous mouse promoters, therefore displaying a physiological expression and regulation
  • Physiological expression level of HSA (within the normal range of 1.5–6 g/dL)
  • Normal blood chemistry
  • Murine SA and FcRn expression is abolished

HSA/hFcRn validation

The model has been co-validated by Albumedix, the biopharmaceutical operations spin out of Novozymes.

HSA/hFcRn model validation 1

Expression of hFcRn is physiological

Upper panel: hFcRn expression (qPCR) in duodenum (Du), jejunum (Je), ileum (iLe), large intestine (Li), liver (H), kidney (K), and lung (Lu) Lower panel: Immunohistochemical staining for hFcRn in HSA /FcRn humanized (large image) and wild-type (small insert) mice. No cross reactivity to mouse FcRn was seen in the wild-type mice (small insert).

HSA/hFcRn ICP model validation 2

Half-life of drug conjugated to human albumin is extended in our double humanized model

Albumin-bound drug 1: low affinity for hFcRn
Albumin-bound drug 2: high affinity for hFcRn

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Viuff D, Antunes F, Evans L, Cameron J, Dyrnesli H, Thue Ravn B, Stougaard M, Thiam K, Andersen B, Kjærulff S, Howard KA. 2016. Generation of a double transgenic humanized neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn)/albumin mouse to study the pharmacokinetics of albumin-linked drugs. J Control Release. [PubMed]

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