Reporter Knockin Cell Lines


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A reporter Knockin cell line defines a model in which fluorescent, bioluminescent proteins or biochemical tags are inserted into the genome. The reporter can replace a gene, be fused to a protein or co-express with the target gene.

It is a particularly useful model when there are no available antibodies for the target protein or when protein measurement is laborious and costly.

Infographic: Reporter Knockin cell line model

Typical applications for reporter Knockin cell models

For academic research:
  • Gene expression monitoring
  • Cellular response monitoring
  • Cell labeling
  • Protein trafficking
  • Biochemical analysis, e.g., protein-protein interaction and immuno-precipitation
For bio-pharmaceutical research & development:
  • Read out for drug screening
  • In vitro sensing
  • Selectivity screening
  • Compound profiling

Strengths and limitations of reporter Knockin cell models

  • Simple and cost-effective monitoring tool of desired cellular events without using antibodies
  • Numerous technical options optimized for different scientific questions: regulation, expression, quantififcation, etc.
  • Fusing the reporter to a protein may alter protein conformation, localization and functionality
    →  Limitation can be bypassed by applying IRES co-expression technology
  • 3' UTR approaches provide only relative quantification: potential dysregulation of expression level and challenging when multiple isoforms exist
    → Must be solved by an in-depth scientific analysis and a rationale risk assessment prior to model development, all included in our project feasibility assessment


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