Genetically Engineered Cell Lines

Customized Cell Lines

Our CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing platform for customized cell line development is optimized for mammalian and human cells.

A major benefit for you and your research is our rigorous procedure to quickly assess the feasibility of using your own cell line, and adapt our process to your cell line's specifics, if need be. Genetic modifications designed and performed with our standards in your favorite cell line optimize the use of your existing data and avoid the need for new standardization experiments.

We ensure reliable and reproducible performance in murine or human:

  • Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, microglial, and hematopoietic cell lines
  • Embryonic stem, induced pluripotent stem, neural stem cell, and more


Our cell line services

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Constitutive Knockouts
Permanent inactivation of the target gene, and total absence of the protein
Point Mutation Knockins
Constitutively mutated nucleotides affecting the function of a given protein (gain/loss of function)
Reporter Knockins
Insertion of fluorescent, bioluminescent proteins or biochemical tags
Quick Knockin™
Controlled gene expression by targeting permissive loci such as Rosa26
"Simple" Knockin
Add a gene sequence of interest to an endogenous locus



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