Humanized CT26-hCD39-LZ Reporter Tumor Cell Line

Reporter Immune Checkpoint Cell Lines

Design of the CT26-hCD39-LZ cell line

The CT26-hCD39-LZ clonal cell line expresses high levels of a human/mouse chimeric CD39, and forms solid tumors in vivo. An optimized version of a luciferase-ZsGreen (LZ) fusion protein is also stably expressed for in vivo imaging and ex vivo tracking.

This cell line can be used in syngeneic models with our huCD39 mouse model.



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CT26-hCD39-LZ features

  • Express a functional chimeric CD39 with a fully humanized extracellular domain
  • Express a luciferase-ZsGreen (LZ) fusion reporter
  • Form solid tumors upon subcutaneous injection in fully immunocompetent mice
  • Injected cells can be followed in vivo and ex vivo with our LZ reporter


CT26-hCD39-LZ validation*

CT26-hCD39-LZ ICP model validation 1

CT26-hCD39-LZ cells homogeneously express chimeric CD39 in vitro

Expression analysis by flow cytometry. Chimeric CD39 is detected with anti-human CD39 (Biolegend clone A1).

CT26-hCD39-LZ cells form tumors in vivo

CT26-hCD39-LZ ICP model validation 2c

hCD39 Balb/c mice were injected (s.c.) with 1x106 CT26-chimCD39-LZ cells. Tumor growth was measured every 2 to 3 days. Tumor size (mm3) = (width2*length)/2.

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Ready to be shipped to your lab

  • Biosafety level BSL1, according to ATCC guidelines (parental cell line provider, ref CRL2638)
  • Studies can be carried out at your site or at your favorite CRO
  • Models provided with FTO on patent-protected technologies used for model generation


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