Customized Knockout Mouse Models

A Knockout mouse defines a biological model in which a target gene is disrupted or inactivated. The loss of gene activity often causes changes in the phenotype of the model animal allowing in vivo studies of gene function, disease research and drug development.

Regardless of the desired model you wish to develop, we provide outstanding consulting services, a thorough assessment of the risks and benefits, an analysis of the potential trouble spots during development, and an accurate timeline of the entire development process.

Below you will find our different types of Knockout designs:

Conventional Knockout mice (constitutive) - Permanently inactivates a target gene in every cell of the organism.

Tissue-specific Knockout mice (conditional) - Inactivates gene expression in a specific target tissue.

Inducible Knockout mice - Inactivates gene expression in a time-controlled manner.

Safe Knockout - Enables the creation of both: a constitutive and a conditional knockout model of the same target gene.