Customized Mouse Models

Customized Mouse Models

Why use a fully customized mouse model?

We at genOway have specialized in the customization of genetically modified mouse models for over 20 years, and strongly believe that it's the way to go in order to access the most adapted, highly physiologically relevant animal models to:

  • Heavily impact the scientific value of your studies, as the model is designed to specifically address your scientific questions while avoiding the unrevealed caveats possible in genetically modified models
  • Increase the physiological relevancy of the study conducted using the model
  • Enable access to a versatile model through anticipation of the next steps of your in vivo study

The outcome is accurate data and flexibility in subsequent investigations and throughout the entire lifespan of your project, thereby saving you on the total cost of your study.

Our customized mouse model services

Knockout mouse model
Constitutive KO
Permanent inactivation of the target gene, and total absence of the protein in the whole animal, in every cell of the organism
Conditional KO
Tissue-specific KO

Gene of interest is inactivated in specific cell types in a certain tissue

Inducible KO

Gene of interest can be temporally controlled at a given time-point in embryonic, post-natal or adult animals

Functional KO
One or more mutated nucleotides causing loss of function of a given protein

Knockin mouse model
Constitutive KI
Add a gene sequence of interest to an endogenous locus
Quick KI

Controlled gene expression by targeting permissive loci Rosa26 or Hprt

Point mutation KI
One or more constitutively mutated nucleotides affecting the function of a given protein (gain/loss of function)
Reporter KI

With inserted fluorescent, bioluminescent proteins or biochemical tags

Humanization KI
Substitute a mouse gene sequence with the human counterpart



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