Off-the-Shelf Humanized Mouse Models

Humanized Mouse Catalog

Our off-the-shelf humanized models are well established mouse lines. Characteristics and phenotyping data are available. The animals are bred and housed by professional breeders like Charles River or Jackson Laboratories. These lines can be delivered with the necessary rights to freely operate.

Immune checkpoint (ICP)

  • Humanized immunocompetent mice harboring single or double ICP target(s)
  • Suitable for studying:
    • Well-calibrated syngeneic tumor models
    • Long-term treatment(s)
    • T cell exhaustion and reminiscence

hFcRn + hAlbumin

  • Double humanization for neonatal Fc receptor and albumin
  • Measure and optimize albumin-linked small molecules and conventional drug pharmacokinetics
  • Study and predict the half-life of circulating biologics and biosimilar drugs


  • In vivo efficacy and safety assessment of anti-human CD4 compounds
  • Typically used in the fields of inflammation, autoimmune diseases, immuno-oncology, and HIV infection

hIgE + FcεR1

  • Double humanization for IgE and Fcε receptor 1
  • Screen for innovative therapeutics for allergy, asthma, and other IgE-mediated diseases


  • In vivo efficacy and safety assessment of anti-human TNF-α compounds in the field of autoimmune diseases and inflammation