Immune Checkpoint Catalog Cell Lines

Humanized Immune Checkpoint Cell Lines

Humanized and Knockout immune checkpoint cell lines can be used for in vivo tumor growth assays in syngeneic models and in vitro mechanistic studies.

  • Biosafety level BSL1, according to parental cell line provider guidelines
  • Studies can be carried out at your site or at your favorite CRO
  • Models provided with FTO on patent-protected technologies used for model generation

We have developed humanized and knockout murine tumor cell lines to be utilized in the two major genetic backgrounds used for syngeneic models: C57BL6 and Balb/c.

Each genetic background shows specificities that can be of interest, depending on the target and compound studied. For example, it has been shown that genetic background influences the immune response, cellular and humoral, to vaccines (Zeng et al., ClinExpImmunol, 2016).

Humanized tumor cell lines for syngeneic models


Target: PD‑L1          

The MC38-hPD-L1 clonal tumor cell line expresses high levels of human PD-L1, and forms solid tumors in vivo. These cells only express the human PD-L1 as they are invalidated for murine Pd‑l1.


Target: PD‑L1          

The CT26-hPD-L1 clonal tumor cell line expresses human PD-L1, and forms solid tumors in vivo. Learn more

Knockout tumor cell lines

MC38-pd-l1 Knockoput cells

Target: Pd‑l1          

The MC38-Pd-l1 Knockout clonal tumor cell line is invalidated for murine Pd-l1 and can be used for target validation and mechanistic studies.

CT26-pd-l1 Knockoput cells

Target: Pd‑l1          

CT26-Pd-l1 Knockout cells are invalidated for murine Pd-l1.

Humanized tumor cell lines with reporter


Target: PD‑L1          

The MC38-hPD-L1-LZ clonal tumor cell line expresses high levels of human PD-L1 and luciferase-ZsGreen (LZ) fusion protein for in vivo imaging and ex vivo tracking.


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