Preclinical Humanized LIGHT Mouse Model

Humanized Immune Checkpoint Mouse Models

Design of the hLIGHT mouse

The humanized LIGHT mouse model (hLIGHT) is developed by Knockin at the mouse Light locus, and expresses a chimeric LIGHT with human extracellular, human transmembrane and murine intracellular domains.

Applications in immuno-oncology

The hLIGHT mouse enables the in vivo efficacy assessment and profiling of immuno-oncology agents targeting the human immune checkpoint LIGHT in fully immunocompetent mice.


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hLIGHT features and validation

The model has been developed and currently undergoes further validation steps by our partners of the precompetitive consortium–company leaders in immuno-oncology and immunotherapy.

Read more about the consolidation of the consortium with key industrial partners (including BMS, Charles River, Alligator, etc.) to validate humanized immune checkpoint mouse models


hLIGHT ICP model validation 1

hLIGHT is expressed on activated splenic T cells

Expression of human LIGHT (hLIGHT) on splenic Teff and CD8 T cells activated with αCD3/αCD28 in presence of rmIL-2 for 24h.


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