Reporter Mouse Models


Our off-the-shelf reporter models are well established, validated and widely used mouse lines.

  • Cohorts available upon request
  • Studies can be carried out at your site or at your favorite CRO
  • SOPF certification and worldwide delivery by professional breeders
  • Models provided with FTO on patent-protected technologies used for model generation


IL-4-IRES-eGFP (4get)

  • Reporter model to monitor immune response polarization
  • Monitor and sort IL-4-secreting cells


  • Reporter model to monitor regulatory T cell activity
  • Monitor and sort Foxp3-expressing cells
  • Study immune tolerance and checkpoint inhibition


  • Enables the in vivo efficacy assessment and profiling of immuno-oncology agents targeting the human immune checkpoint GITR
  • Efficiently monitor and sort Foxp3-expressing cells from different lymphocyte lineages and lymphoid organs